Escape Haus – Egyptian Mysteries

Escape Haus – Egyptian Mysteries

Room Name: Egyptian Mysteries

Business: Escape Haus

Location: 1671 Interstate 35, New Braunfels, TX 78130

Date of Visit: October 30th, 2016

Number of Players: 6-12

Our Group Size: 9

Official Description: Your mentor, a world renowned Egyptologist, has made a history-changing discovery. Before he can announce his discovery, he is kidnapped. Apparently, some very powerful factions want to keep this discovery hidden and are on the way to destroy your mentor’s study. You have 1 hour to piece together the clues left behind that will lead you to where this discovery is hidden. If you can’t decipher all the clues, your mentor’s life’s work will be destroyed.

Difficulty (official): The staff has stated that this is their hardest room.

Difficulty (experience): Medium

Time to Escape:  58:00

Review: We booked Escape Haus’s Egyptian Mysteries room for our very first escape room, mostly because of me loving ancient Egypt as a kid. We found the building easily and were greeted promptly. As we were the only group waiting, we had plenty of time and space to try out the warm-up puzzles in the lobby. It was then that we were informed that we had inadvertently booked the hardest room, however we persisted on and requested hard mode for our hints (nothing unprompted).

The Egyptian room is meant to echo an Egyptologist’s study rather than a tomb as in most Egypt-themed rooms, and the room evoked a study/museum theme. Our room operator told us prior to starting that his mother was the one who painted the room’s murals, which fit in well with the theme.

Unlike other rooms that we have encountered, Escape Haus has the operator in the room with the players for the entire hour. However, just as we had requested, he did not give us any hints until an item in the room broke. However, this was quickly fixed and we escaped the room with two minutes to spare. The puzzles and clues were well executed and were integrated well into the design and theme.

The one distracting item was a series of locked chests lined up on one wall, which did not fit the theme in appearance. We felt that it was clear we had to open those boxes, and we were disappointed that so many found objects were in one position rather than being interspersed among the set pieces or other puzzles. After playing other rooms and seeing how well locks and chests were integrated into the overall design of the room, we found this to be a negative in an otherwise fascinating room.

Hints Used: Only the aforementioned nudge

Clue Quality: Clues were written clearly, and were challenging without being frustrating.

Puzzle Creativity: Out of all of the rooms we have played at Escape Haus, Egyptian Mysteries has the most creative puzzles. There were several multi-step puzzles as well as an overarching puzzle needed to fully solve the room.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.

Fear Factor: None

Things to note: Escape Haus has plenty of available parking and at this time does not have Groupon. The rooms are all very family-friendly, and $5 is deducted off the ticket prices if you book a group of five or more at once.

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