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Breakout Games Plano – Runaway Train

Breakout Games Plano – Runaway Train

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Room Name: Runaway Train

Business: Breakout Games – Plano

Location: 2301 N Central Expy Suite 285, Plano, TX 75075

Date of Visit: 3/22/2019

Number of Players: 2-7

Our Group Size: 3

Breakout Dallas


Official Description: You’ve booked the trip of a lifetime: a cross-continental journey on The Breakout Express. As the train winds through beautiful countryside, news spreads of an uproar in the locomotive car. Radicals have taken control of the conductor’s cabin, planted explosives, and the train is racing towards a non-stop destination in the heart of the city: Central Station. Gain entry to the conductor’s cabin, stop the train, and free the passengers before time runs out. Can you engineer a last-minute escape?

Difficulty (official): The front desk staff stated that it was on the difficult side, but not the most difficult room.

Difficulty (experience): On the higher side of medium – we don’t recommend this as a first-time escape.

Time to Escape: 50:10

Runaway Train - Breakout Dallas

Review: While in the area for the Texas Pinball Festival, we found ourselves with more time to kill than we had originally planned for—so of course, this was a perfect time for an escape room! We decided on Breakout, which wasn’t that far of a drive from our hotel. The business is located on the second floor of a two-story shopping center and is well-marked.

The lobby was divided into two halves, reception and waiting/post-game photos. While the surroundings were pretty sparse, the staff member on duty was extremely friendly and we spent our wait time chatting with her – she gave some excellent recommendations for more escape rooms the next time we’re in the area. All of the staff members we spoke with were extremely friendly and helpful – no complaints about customer service here.

We were escorted to our train, which was a room divided into the train car and the conductor’s cabin. We were immediately impressed with the attention to detail in the room – there were three LCD screens which displayed different views of our trip through the mountains, and train announcements would go off on occasion over the rumbling sounds of the train on the tracks. There were points where the room really felt like it was moving! There were also plenty of small details that were integrated into the puzzles that fit into the idea of a luxury train through the country. We were especially fond of the conductor’s intercom having its cord cut by the villians – that was probably our favorite small touch.

The puzzles themselves were fairly streamlined and logical, but they had enough processes and steps that while we were usually working on one puzzle at a time, there was enough work to do that it didn’t feel like we were being bottlenecked. There was one particular puzzle which we were warned beforehand could result in several unnecessary steps, which thankfully we realized before too much time had elapsed. That puzzle was actually a clever bit of logic, but it required the same meticulous attention to detail that all of the other ones had.

Overall, we had a fantastic time! We loved the last-minute reveal; the room designers had done a great job disguising it. The room had something for everyone, although I did feel it was a bit heavy on mathematical puzzles. As we wrote earlier, this is definitely not a room for a first-time escape, but veterans will find it enjoyable.

Breakout Dallas

Hints Used: We didn’t need to ask for any, but our room operator did nudge us to locks that we had already discovered the solutions or keys for and hadn’t put them in.

Clue Quality: There were several very clever clues in the room, including ones that we simply thought were flavor until we stumbled across their puzzles. They did a great job at keeping the laminated sheets to a minimum.

Puzzle Creativity: While I still groan at the amount of math, there was a lot of thought put into the puzzles, and I loved the solution to two of them in particular. There were several different types of puzzles to challenge a variety of skills and thought processes.

Rating:  4.5 / 5.

Fear Factor:  Low. No major scares. One intense moment.

Things to note: This business is on the second story of an outdoor strip shopping center. The stairs are near the establishment and there are elevators on the far side of the building.

Breakout Dallas