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Escape Kit: Heist of the Century

Escape Kit: Heist of the Century

Escaape Kit

Room Name: Heist of the Century

Business: Escape Kit

Location: Home (Print and Play)

Date of Visit: 2/6/2021

Number of Players: 2-5

Our Group Size: 2

Official Description: You have been selected by the famous White Rabbit, the greatest robber in history. Your objective: Rob the central bank of New York, retrieve the contents of the 777 vault… and leave the premises discreetly. The alarm is deactivated for one hour. An hour to become rich and famous… Will you be able to get out in time ?

Difficulty (official): This is the most difficult game offered by Escape Kit.

Difficulty (experience): Surprisingly difficult!

Time to Escape: around 58 minutes

Heist of the Century

Review: Note: Escape Kit generously provided a free game for this review.

COVID is still raging, especially here in Texas, so we haven’t felt safe enough to go out and play a physical room. We’ve done a few home games before and found them to be okay, but we were always left with something missing.

Escape Kit is a France-based escape game company that is expanding their offerings to English-speaking audiences. They have several games that are geared towards either children or adults, and, of course, we picked the hardest game of them all, out of tradition.

After printing out the files (and a last-minute trip to the store after realizing I didn’t have enough paper), we read through the very thorough instructions. Escape Kit was extremely clear on how to set everything up in a spoiler-free way, so we could both participate in playing. It did take us around 30 minutes to finish the cutting and folding – it’s best to have two or three people participating in the setup due to the amount of pieces. After we had our puzzles sorted and ready to go, we turned on the (excellent) provided soundtrack and went off to rob a bank!

Escape Kit Puzzle

We figured out the first puzzle within a few minutes (and were concerned when the website warned that this puzzle was the hardest of the group), but soon found out that no, the game did ramp up in difficulty. We were happy with the quality of clues and puzzles—we hadn’t seen this kind of variety in an at-home game! We were so engaged in the game that we were both upset to have to take a break to pick up our dinner delivery.

The element that we both agreed that we weren’t super fond of was the last puzzle, which fell into the ‘spooky worksheet’ category (see our review of Escape Cape). While we do understand that we’re limited to what everyone would have in their home, it was somewhat of a letdown after the fun of the previous puzzles. We had hoped we would have a final, clever puzzle and were facing a few seconds worth of busy work. That being said, each puzzle we completed up to that point had an interesting and satisfying solution. We appreciated each step in this escape, even when the solutions eluded us for longer than we’d care to admit.

While we didn’t use the suggested additional materials, we loved how Escape Kit provided mask templates and even suggestions for bank robber costumes and props for the customary post-game photo. They are committed to really having the physical room experience at home, and we definitely hope to see more of them in the future!

Escape Kit Puzzles

Hints Used: All of them (checking answers)

Clue Quality : The clue quality is the kind that we both like the best – gradual nudges instead of immediately giving the final solution. They were clear and easy to follow.

Puzzle Creativity: When it came to creativity, Escape Kit is definitely our favorite of the at-home kits that we’ve played so far. This company was able to develop several interesting ways to deliver solutions just by using regular printer paper and a couple of household items (don’t worry about having to buy anything – if you’re in a home or apartment, you do have these).

Rating: 4 / 5.

Fear Factor:  None. The soundtrack provides good atmosphere and even intensity at times, but there is nothing frightening.

Things to note: You will need Internet access and a printer along with a pair of scissors to setup this escape (and access to the company’s website is required for clues and verifying your solution to the escape). Glue or paperclips will aid in the construction of the game pieces.