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Maze Rooms Austin – Spy Safe House

Maze Rooms Austin – Spy Safe House

Maze Rooms

Room Name: Spy Safe House

Business: Maze Rooms Austin

Location: 5555 N Lamar Blvd Suite K110, Austin, TX 78751

Date of Visit: June 23, 2019.

Number of Players: 2-8, we recommend 6 max

Our Group Size: 4

Maze Rooms

Official Description:  The year is 1972, and the United States is in the midst of a Cold War with Russia and the entire Soviet Union. America lives in fear of Soviet spies living among them, threatening the American way of life. The government responds by sending the best of the best investigators to catch these spies and send them packing back to USSR empty handed. It’s an era where tensions were high, trust was low, and espionage was thriving!

Difficulty (official): The staff told us this was their easiest room, they pegged it at a medium difficulty.

Difficulty (experience): Medium-Hard.

Time to Escape: Approximately 58 minutes.

Maze Rooms

Review: Maze Rooms Austin is located in a nondescript building; however being on one of Austin’s main roads made it easy to find, just tucked away in a business park. We were questioning if the GPS had led us to the correct place as we missed any signage as we approached and the building looked closed. But this time, Google hadn’t failed us; we found the logo on the door and were let in as soon as we rang the bell.

We spoke with our gamemaster before the game about other rooms both in the area and in Houston and he gave us several recommendations for rooms for which he had previously worked or escaped. We appreciated the chat and the excitement he brought to our event that day and were happy for the new rooms we have added to our to-escape list.

Maze Rooms did a fantastic job with decorating this room. It felt extremely early 70s without going into stereotypes – no disco balls or shag rugs to be found. The apartment looked authentic which made us feel right at home in our roles as federal agents investigating a clever spy. Wires and mechs were hidden well for the most part, and all of the puzzles were integrated well into the rooms. There were few traditional lock and key puzzles but the ones present fit the theme of the room.

The first big reveal was incredibly clever and we loved how seamlessly it fit into the room’s spy plot. From this point forward we fell deeper and deeper into a world of espionage and deception. We encountered a simple but unique clue in the games middle act that got us all excited at its discovery and were most impressed and engaged in the immersion of the room at the reveal of a historic event which was part of the story and a clever clue. For the most part, Maze Rooms put a unique spin on their puzzles and our group appreciated the variety of tasks we had to accomplish.

We did discover a few drawbacks to the room for our experience. Some puzzles felt more scavenger hunt than puzzle; some pieces were hidden in non-intuitive locations and there was no room guidance for how many pieces we needed to find. Our team got hung up on an audio puzzle that we found difficult to understand and decipher even after discovering the correct key. There was also a puzzle in the room that some in our group felt more like busywork than one that led to the final solution. If the puzzle was reworked or taken out entirely, it wouldn’t detract from the game difficulty, perhaps only marginally from the game length.

Overall, this is not a room to miss while in Austin. We look forward to trying the other offerings from Maze Room in the future!

Maze Rooms

Hints Used: Maze Rooms offers five hints per room, we used four.

Clue Quality : Extremely well done with one difficult exception mentioned above. This room excelled with giving wordless hints.

Puzzle Creativity: High. There are still puzzles in the room that we enjoy discussing months later.

Rating: 4.75 / 5.

Fear Factor:  None.

Things to note: The first act of the room takes place in a small space, however this opens fairly quickly and did not provoke claustrophobic feelings. Some areas of the room are lowlight, and there are two audio puzzles that may be difficult for the hard of hearing. There is plenty of parking in the office and shopping center where Maze Rooms is located.

Maze Rooms

The Exit Game Escape Room – Sherlock Holmes: Parliament Games

The Exit Game Escape Room – Sherlock Holmes: Parliament Games

The Exit Game

Room Name: Sherlock Holmes: Parliament Games

Business: The Exit Game Escape Room

Location: 5720 Bandera Rd STE 23, San Antonio, TX 78238

Date of Visit: May 19, 2019

Number of Players: 4-8

Our Group Size: 4, we recommend no more than 6

Official Description: Sherlock Holmes is on the trail of a member of Parliament determined to continue the work of Guy Fawkes. You are now Sherlock’s only hope to stop England from falling and save the queen. Sherlock has left you to finish his investigation and stop destruction of Parliament. Are you ready? Do you have what it takes? What’s the point in being clever if you can’t prove it? -SH

Difficulty (official): The Exit Game’s difficulty scale rated this game as a 4 out of 5.

Difficulty (experience): Medium

Time to Escape: About 43 minutes.

Review: We had plenty of time to spare after finishing Trapped Below, and our group decided to try out a different room at the nearby Exit Game Escape Room in San Antonio. The staff was very accommodating to our last minute booking, and we quickly found the business on the second floor of a nearby shopping center. Our gamemaster escorted us to the room almost immediately after we arrived, and, after a brief overview, began the game.

We were really excited to give a Sherlock Holmes themed room another go, especially after our experience at Escape Haus left us wanting. Unfortunately for our group, the decor was quite lacking. This was another room where removing the UK flag and a painting would render its design into a generic ‘escape the home office.’ Nothing in the room really screamed ‘Parliament’ to us. But to its credit, most of the furniture was integrated into the room design and puzzles, which we appreciated.  The space did do a good job of eliminating red herrings, but then suffers from being a little empty.

This room had a really fun reveal with a delivery we hadn’t seen before, and we enjoyed the creativity. This is also the first room we’ve been in that had a locker combination lock, but this addition broke the theme a bit. It didn’t really feel like it fit into the space properly. In my opinion, this kind of lock doesn’t really work well in an escape room unless it’s school-themed—and it felt very out of place in a Sherlock room.

The puzzles themselves were fairly standard for an escape room; there were a couple that we thought had a unique solution and kept us puzzling for a bit. However, we skipped one lock designed to open up fairly early into our experience and we didn’t figure out the solution for it until much later. This unfortunately rendered the clues provided behind the lock useless. This was the one puzzle for which we required a hint. Our group searched for some indication for a clue to the lock’s solution but none existed. As a result, we spent too much time trying to figure it out.

The answer to the aforementioned puzzle also required outside information; our group saw no reference material that another party could use to solve this puzzle without possessing this outside knowledge. However trivial this information may seem to a game designer, it should never be assumed that everyone will carry this knowledge into the room with them. This just leads to lots of frustration.

Our group discussed the room’s plotline after the game, and we all agreed the dissonance between the trailer and the actual room was a let-down. We just played yet another room where our resolution came sooner than we expected. Again, after solving the final puzzle we had another ‘that’s it?’ moment. We’re seeing this a lot in rooms in Texas, and I’m hoping that as these businesses grow, they give a more satisfying end to the experience. These rooms often feel more like scavenger hunts and less like puzzle or escape rooms. We enjoyed our time in the room, but felt this was on the easier end of experiences and not as challenging as we had hoped.

The Exit Game

Hints Used: Exit Game only allows a limited number of hints. We asked for one and also received an unprompted hint.

Clue Quality : Some of the clues bordered on the vague side, but overall they were easy to understand in the end.

Puzzle Creativity: We enjoyed the endgame puzzle, but the rest of the puzzles were pretty standard for an escape.

Rating: 3 / 5.

Fear Factor:  None

Things to note: The Exit Game Escape Rooms is located in a shopping center with plenty of available parking. The room is on the second floor with available elevator access near the stairs. They offer discounts if at least four people book at the same time on certain days of the week, and they have great workers in the room as well and they manage their payments with these sample paystubs online. This room requires at least one person to be able to crawl a short distance.

Extreme Escape Colonnade – Trapped Below

Extreme Escape Colonnade – Trapped Below

Extreme Escape Logo

Room Name: Trapped Below

Business: Extreme Escape – Colonnade

Location: 9995 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78230

Date of Visit: May 19, 2019

Number of Players: 1-8

Our Group Size: 4, we recommend no more than 4 or 5

Official Description: 

San Antonio’s newest and most interactive Escape Room is here! Trapped Below will push all boundaries as you venture deep below the Earth’s surface in a dilapidated elevator lift where teamwork and use of your senses is needed to try and capture a legendary treasure and escape!

Trapped Below Escape Game can accommodate up to 8 challengers at once. Each team will be given 1 hour to unfold the story and escape in time!

Difficulty (official): Extreme Escape uses several scales to give an official difficulty, including puzzle savvy and intellect. This rated on the medium-high side.

Difficulty (experience): Easy

Time to Escape: 33:02

Extreme Escape Colonnade

Review: While we weren’t terribly impressed with our journey to The Other Side, we decided to give Extreme Escape another chance at their second location in San Antonio and see what would happen while we were Trapped Below. We had seen this room advertised before, and the teaser video made it look intriguing. Our group of four put on our miner’s hats (not really) and began the descent to our newest adventure.

The room begins in the mine elevator for a brief amount of puzzling before moving onto the mine shaft. This time we were more impressed with Extreme Escape’s decorating skills. The dim lighting was immersive and the mine appeared worn and distressed.  To aid in our escape, our party received mechanically powered flashlights. Considering the lack of light in the entire room, however, this wasn’t a great choice. I spent more time powering up my flashlight than I did really exploring and solving puzzles. A lantern or at least one battery-powered flashlight would have been much more useful.

Extreme Escape Colonnade

While the room isn’t devoid of combination and traditional keylocks, there were a few interesting mechs in the room that were welcome. Nothing stood out as out of place or without reason in the room and we appreciated the variety of tasks to accomplish during the escape. Like The Other Side the gameplay is very linear, but we had a few mid-game points where our group worked on separate parts of the room simultaneously.  The puzzles incorporated into the room fit the theme extremely well, but we found they didn’t pose much of a challenge to our group of mostly veterans.

There were a couple of creative clue deliveries, and the beginning of the endgame excited us all. But when we finished the game, there was a ‘that’s it?’ feeling. We escaped the mine and ended up back in the room’s waiting area. Nothing really indicated that we won until we opened the door to the lobby and asked. The members of our group felt disappointed at how anticlimactic the room ended, however, we recommend this one over The Other Side due to the slightly branching gameplay.

Extreme Escape Colonnade

Hints Used: None

Clue Quality : The clues in the room were a lot more like what we have come to expect from the Escape Rooms we’ve completed (including one very clever delivery method). Extreme Escape managed to refrain from using vague clues but also avoided overly specific suggestions. This required our group to expend some effort of creative thought into our escape which we appreciated.

Puzzle Creativity: We don’t really remember any major standout puzzles here (although we did notice a couple of reused elements from our Other Side jaunt). Some puzzles are fun, but they still felt very standard. This room again feels tailored toward beginners or younger players.

Rating: 3 / 5.

Fear Factor: The opening act of this puzzle is in a slightly enclosed area with some surprising physical action, but nothing openly designed to be frightening.

Things to note: Extreme Escape has multiple methods to obtain discounted games including Groupon. Extreme Escape also offers free tickets to first responders and military personnel along with discounted tickets to their family members. Extreme Escape Colonnade is on the second floor of a strip shopping center with elevator access.

Extreme Escape Colonnade

Extreme Escape Stone Oak – The Other Side

Extreme Escape Stone Oak – The Other Side

Extreme Escape Logo

Room Name: The Other Side

Business: Extreme Escape – Stone Oak

Location: 434 N Loop 1604 West ste 1204 San Antonio, TX 78232

Date of Visit: April 7, 2019

Number of Players: 2-8

Our Group Size: 4, we recommend keeping groups under 6

Official Description: Supernatural forces have taken over a small town and you’re their only hope. Venture into a dark dimension in hopes of finding the lost boy, but tread carefully as creatures await your arrival…. will you survive The Other Side?

Difficulty (official): Extreme Escape uses several scales to give an official difficulty, including puzzle savvy and intellect. This rated on the medium to high side on all scales.

Difficulty (experience): Easy

Time to Escape: 50:00

Extreme Escape - The Other Side

Review: Our group was full of 80s babies and Stranger Things fans, so when we saw this one listed on Extreme Escape we were ready! “This is going to be fantastic,” we squealed all the way from breakfast to the room. We were looking forward to something special.

Luckily, the room was close to our breakfast spot. It was easy to find the shopping center but the Extreme Escape sign blended in with the building and it took us a bit to find its location. We were greeted promptly and ushered to our room. The first thing that we noticed was knotty pine and a CRT television for hints. That was all we needed to get into the 80s mood. It wasn’t until the introductory videos ended and the timer started that we noticed how bare the space really was. While I’m not huge on having a space full of red herrings, this room required more decoration to really make it feel lived in.

Extreme Escape - The Other Side

We solved the first couple of puzzles fairly quickly, and soon came to a conclusion: this room was both entirely linear (with only one puzzle to work on at a time) and presented as a task list. As soon as we finished one puzzle we were immediately directed to the next one. We’ve done task-list-type rooms before (Houston, We’ve Had a Problem) but the latter had more puzzling and critical thought required to complete the required actions. Here, however, the room spoon-fed answers to us. One puzzle and clue stood out as incredibly creative, and we just wished that same creativity extended throughout the rest of the game.

Extreme Escape - The Other Side

When we made it into the second act of the escape, we again faced ideas that needed better execution. The puzzles were extremely hand-holdy with not enough to work on simultaneously as a group of four. This room could have benefited from more than just dim light and a couple of “spooky” props to provide an immersive experience. One puzzle could have provided a good fright, but it was quickly resolved. We just didn’t feel much of the urgency that the second act was desperately trying to provide.

This is a good room for beginners and families. This isn’t a room in San Antonio that must be done by enthusiasts, but it is something to check out if you have some free time or are huge Stranger Things fans.

Extreme Escape - The Other Side

Hints Used: Our game master gave us a couple of unprompted hints. These were due to technical failures and a reminder about a missed lock.

Clue Quality : The clues were overly generous. There was really nothing that we had to puzzle over. I was annoyed with one lock because of a spelling error in the solution.

Puzzle Creativity: There was one standout puzzle with a satisfying conclusion, but the rest of the puzzles were standard for escape rooms.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

Fear Factor:  A very mild scare in the second half of the room may frighten younger children.

Things to note: This location is located on the second floor of a shopping center. Elevators are clearly marked if needed and located on the other end of the building from the stairs nearest the escape room. Parking is ample and free. Extreme Escape offers frequent Groupons for both of its San Antonio locations.

Breakout Games Plano – Runaway Train

Breakout Games Plano – Runaway Train

Breakout Logo


Room Name: Runaway Train

Business: Breakout Games – Plano

Location: 2301 N Central Expy Suite 285, Plano, TX 75075

Date of Visit: 3/22/2019

Number of Players: 2-7

Our Group Size: 3

Breakout Dallas


Official Description: You’ve booked the trip of a lifetime: a cross-continental journey on The Breakout Express. As the train winds through beautiful countryside, news spreads of an uproar in the locomotive car. Radicals have taken control of the conductor’s cabin, planted explosives, and the train is racing towards a non-stop destination in the heart of the city: Central Station. Gain entry to the conductor’s cabin, stop the train, and free the passengers before time runs out. Can you engineer a last-minute escape?

Difficulty (official): The front desk staff stated that it was on the difficult side, but not the most difficult room.

Difficulty (experience): On the higher side of medium – we don’t recommend this as a first-time escape.

Time to Escape: 50:10

Runaway Train - Breakout Dallas

Review: While in the area for the Texas Pinball Festival, we found ourselves with more time to kill than we had originally planned for—so of course, this was a perfect time for an escape room! We decided on Breakout, which wasn’t that far of a drive from our hotel. The business is located on the second floor of a two-story shopping center and is well-marked.

The lobby was divided into two halves, reception and waiting/post-game photos. While the surroundings were pretty sparse, the staff member on duty was extremely friendly and we spent our wait time chatting with her – she gave some excellent recommendations for more escape rooms the next time we’re in the area. All of the staff members we spoke with were extremely friendly and helpful – no complaints about customer service here.

We were escorted to our train, which was a room divided into the train car and the conductor’s cabin. We were immediately impressed with the attention to detail in the room – there were three LCD screens which displayed different views of our trip through the mountains, and train announcements would go off on occasion over the rumbling sounds of the train on the tracks. There were points where the room really felt like it was moving! There were also plenty of small details that were integrated into the puzzles that fit into the idea of a luxury train through the country. We were especially fond of the conductor’s intercom having its cord cut by the villians – that was probably our favorite small touch.

The puzzles themselves were fairly streamlined and logical, but they had enough processes and steps that while we were usually working on one puzzle at a time, there was enough work to do that it didn’t feel like we were being bottlenecked. There was one particular puzzle which we were warned beforehand could result in several unnecessary steps, which thankfully we realized before too much time had elapsed. That puzzle was actually a clever bit of logic, but it required the same meticulous attention to detail that all of the other ones had.

Overall, we had a fantastic time! We loved the last-minute reveal; the room designers had done a great job disguising it. The room had something for everyone, although I did feel it was a bit heavy on mathematical puzzles. As we wrote earlier, this is definitely not a room for a first-time escape, but veterans will find it enjoyable.

Breakout Dallas

Hints Used: We didn’t need to ask for any, but our room operator did nudge us to locks that we had already discovered the solutions or keys for and hadn’t put them in.

Clue Quality: There were several very clever clues in the room, including ones that we simply thought were flavor until we stumbled across their puzzles. They did a great job at keeping the laminated sheets to a minimum.

Puzzle Creativity: While I still groan at the amount of math, there was a lot of thought put into the puzzles, and I loved the solution to two of them in particular. There were several different types of puzzles to challenge a variety of skills and thought processes.

Rating:  4.5 / 5.

Fear Factor:  Low. No major scares. One intense moment.

Things to note: This business is on the second story of an outdoor strip shopping center. The stairs are near the establishment and there are elevators on the far side of the building.

Breakout Dallas

Cipher Escape Rooms – Captive

Cipher Escape Rooms – Captive


Room Name: Captive

Business: Cipher Escape Rooms

Location: 1735 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

Date of Visit: October 21, 2018

Number of Players: Up to 12

Our Group Size: 4

Official Description: He said he’ll be back in 60 minutes. That’s when your game is over, and his “game” starts. He’s even started a timer to torment you. As you watch the last hour of your life slowly tick away, your mind races as you ponder all of the horrifying things about to happen at the hands of this…person, this…monster. How are you are going to spend the time you have left? You can cry. You can pray. You can write a goodbye letter. You can scream for help. Or you can ESCAPE!

Don't Be Scared

Difficulty (official): Our operator told us this was their most difficult room.

Difficulty (experience): Medium

Time to Escape: Around 55:00

Review: The Houston Arcade Expo had come and gone, and our group wanted one last hurrah before heading back home – so why not do an escape?

Cipher’s signage wasn’t easily seen from the road, but the building is pretty easy to find thanks to the bright yellow artwork on the exterior. The lobby area is large, but was pretty empty compared to the other escape businesses that we’ve visited previously.

Cipher Entrance

The staff members were all quite friendly and helpful, and our room operator gave us a very detailed explanation of what to expect in the room and was happy to answer all of our questions. We went into the room, handcuffed and in high spirits—

—and then we walked into the dungeon that would seal our fate.

The room is divided into two sections—the jail cell and the torture chamber. Cipher clearly had a lot of fun devising the decor in both areas, and filled the room with props that made the room feel more real, such as items belonging to different victims. The jail cell encompassed a small area of the room, and while it wasn’t crowded in the room with just the four of us there were just enough puzzles in there to keep us all occupied until we managed to open the second area. Had our group been much larger, though, this area might seem a bit spare with tasks to accomplish and could begin to feel claustrophobic if the upper room limit of 12 players is met.

My memory gets a little fuzzy with the torture chamber, as two of us were focused on one time-consuming puzzle while our other two team members solved most of the new area. They did report that there were a couple of particularly clever puzzles, and one particular prop interaction fit perfectly into the room’s atmosphere. We were disappointed that the puzzle that we were attempting (which required two people to complete) took up so much time, and our room operator told us afterwards that puzzle was a sticking point for most groups.

This was the first time we had a room operator deliver hints in-character—the creepy Madame DuBois would call into the room regularly to taunt us or offer advice to help the room move along. She had an impeccable sense of timing and never gave us much of a hint unless we asked for clarification. She did, however, easily dispense insults and aggravation onto our group.

Ultimately, we were able to reason out one clever and well-integrated puzzle to make our way out of the serial killer’s lair before we met our demise.

We didn’t quite make the board this time…

Hints Used: We called in for hints on two occasions. Our hints were clear and easy to follow, but didn’t include so much information as to spoil the puzzles.

Clue Quality : The clues were delivered in very creative ways, and it gave us an insight into Madame DuBois’s twisted mind. There were a couple of clues that felt too vague, but then fit nicely into the solution. Many revelations in the room brought excitement to our group despite the macabre tone of the escape.

Puzzle Creativity: The puzzles had many elements that we hadn’t seen before – no worksheets or overly-complicated direction puzzles were present. While we did get stuck on one puzzle for a very long time, the execution of it was very creative and one prop interaction in the room is delightfully twisted.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.

Fear Factor:  Mildly intense themes, includes a few moments that could be upsetting for young children. We recommend participants be at least thirteen.

Things to note: There is no dedicated parking lot for Cipher and the escape room is across the street from an extremely popular cafe making parking on the main street difficult. Parking is allowed in the neighborhood around the business but may be hard to come by, especially during brunch hours on the weekend. Plan to arrive early just to ensure you can park and walk to Cipher on time.

Are You Game


Escape Haus – Backstage at the Magic Show

Escape Haus – Backstage at the Magic Show

Room Name: Backstage at the Magic Show

Business: Escape Haus

Location: 1671 Interstate 35 New Braunfels, TX 78130

Date of Visit: July 29, 2018

Number of Players: 2-6

Our Group Size: 6

Official Description: You just started your dream job as a magician’s assistant. Tonight is his big show and he’s depending on you to set up the stage. As you enter the Prop Room, the door slams shut…and locks behind you. The show starts in an hour. Your dream job is on the line. The crowd is taking their seats. Will you find your way out in time?

Difficulty (official): None stated

Difficulty (experience): Easy-Medium

Time to Escape: 51:27

Review: My birthday rolled around again, and this time we found ourselves at Escape Haus! I was looking forward to this experience and hoping that we would find a room that was more entertaining than their Library of Secrets.

The room was decorated as we have come to expect from an Escape Haus game: many thematic accouterments around the room and room-appropriate wall hangings sold this as a prop room , though it lacked the detail we’ve come to love in some of the larger chain establishments we’ve escaped recently. We loved the giant trunk and the ‘saw the lady in half’ box made a great centerpiece. The handmade pieces in the room were the more striking elements. However, there was a lot of red herring decor, particularly on one side of the room.

There were a couple of moments of clever puzzle solving that we all enjoyed and we were happy to find several unique key locks in this room instead of more modern Master Locks across all of the puzzles (though, as with all Escape Haus rooms, there were a few). This proved to be the game’s high point as we encountered novel locks and an unusual one that we had not seen before. There was a slightly obtuse puzzle that frustrated us for quite some time and we stumbled across the answer, but chose to confirm it with our Game Master to prevent a lock that might timeout from impeding us any further. The puzzle wasn’t impossible, but our excitement at its completion may have been more relief than delight.

This room, as with many at this location, suffers from a ‘wall of locked boxes syndrome’, however this wasn’t as extensive as the wall of boxes in Egyptian Mysteries. We still would have preferred the locked boxes to be placed around the room instead of bunched together in one section. We really enjoyed a blacklight puzzle in this room, but when talking about the room afterwards, couldn’t really think of a puzzle that stood out as being really creative. Certain puzzles upped their difficulty by not being friendly to anyone with poor vision. There was also some outside knowledge required (which can be somewhat controversial in escape room communities).

While we had a great time going through the room, I don’t count this one as a standout. We were missing a magical element in our magic room that we very desperately wanted to see. This room could be easily rethemed without changing many of its puzzles and this is likely the room’s biggest downfall. This may be a great room for someone’s first escape room experience, or to introduce new players to the hobby, but Egyptian Mysteries remains my top recommendation for Escape Haus rooms.

We do want to give a shout out to our Game Master, who remained quiet and unobtrusive until we asked for her help!

Hints Used: One for an actual hint, one for clarification on a lock.

Clue Quality : Variable. We found one to be particularly clever, some were more direct, and a couple of others were just muddy.

Puzzle Creativity: A lot of escape room staples here; creativity was more focused on the unusual locks.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.

Fear Factor:  None.

Things to note: Several puzzles in this room would be difficult to individuals with poor vision.

Project Panic – End of the Line

Project Panic – End of the Line

Room Name:  End of the Line

Business: Project Panic

Location: 4403 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78751

Date of Visit: June 30th, 2018

Number of Players: 4-8

Our Group Size: 8, we recommend 6-8

Official Description: For years there have been rumors that the city’s trusty and seemingly innocent subway system has a darker underbelly – it is home to a number of notorious crime gangs. It’s now time to put these rumors to rest! Acting off a tip that a now closed subway line could lead to a coveted hideout, you and your highly trained team decide to take matters into your own hands and begin an investigation of an abandoned station. Will you take the fast track to deliver justice or take an unexpected detour on the way?

Difficulty (official):  Our host stated that this is the harder of their two rooms. The website lists its official difficulty as 7.5/10.

Difficulty (experience): Medium

Time to Escape: 39:00


We finally had the time and money to do a new room, and our Escape Room RNG pointed to Project Panic, an offshoot of Austin Panic Room and one of the newest escape experiences in Austin. The location was easy to find (signage for the location is on the glass, not the building itself) and had a small parking lot attached behind the building. We were very thankful for this; parking in Austin on the weekends can be difficult, and pricey, in some locations.

The new location is brightly lit and welcoming, however there were AC issues on our visit which made us somewhat uncomfortable. Our game master greeted us immediately and gave a simple but funny explanation of basic game rules before leading us into the game space.

We’ve played a game from this same company (last year’s Cabin Fever), and like Cabin Fever, this space outdid themselves in decoration. The room is divided into station and subway, and they did a great job creating a derelict station with a cleaner subway car. We really appreciated that the decorative touches all fit seamlessly into puzzles, nothing seemed forced or out of place.

End of the Line is notable for its use of technology; all wires were hidden and puzzles that dealt with technology use were integrated extremely well into the room. This was particularly noticeable with one late-game puzzle on which we all enjoyed working.

While the room was very linear, which can cause problems with a large group, there were enough puzzles that needed to be worked on simultaneously that everyone was always busy. The room was very teamwork oriented; each puzzle had at least two people attempting to solve it.  We were happy that while the room had several escape room staples, they included clever twists. This is one of the few rooms where I’ve had to wait to find all the clues before finding answers.

The biggest drawback we felt was the theme implementation. Without giving too much away, we felt that the premise of the room really wasn’t executed well and the experience ended abruptly without really addressing the scenario again —changing the premise to an urbex adventure or a secret subway could add more to the theme.

Hints Used: Three unprompted (one due to a slight technical failure) and one verification of a “Do Not Touch” sticker. Our host was excellent in his hints; he managed to keep us on track without giving us answers.

Clue Quality : Clues within the game were worked extremely well into the room, only one screamed out as an obvious clue.

Puzzle Creativity: Puzzles were very clever, and while we recognized a couple of pathways from having done several rooms and being puzzle hounds in general, there was enough different about them to keep them interesting.

Rating: 4.75 / 5.

Fear Factor:  None, a few moments of very mild intensity.

Things to note: There are several light and color puzzles, colorblind players should probably avoid this experience.

Escape Space Games San Marcos – The Play House

Escape Space Games San Marcos – The Play House

Escape Space

Room Name: The Play House

Business: Escape Space Games San Marcos

Location: 1508 Aquarena Springs Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666

Date of Visit: April 8, 2018

Number of Players: 2

Our Group Size: 2

Official Description: The Play House takes place after hours at your friendly neighborhood daycare… but once the lights go out, things may not appear as they seem… Dolls, toys, and puzzles are fun to play with, but what if they decide to play with you… You and your team will have 60 mins to solve the puzzles and escape before you become just another toy in… The Play House!

Difficulty (official): Not stated. We were told that it was not their most difficult room.

Difficulty (experience): It is definitely the most frustrating room we’ve played.

Time to Escape:  Did not escape.

Review: “A room done in the dark with flashlights!” we cried. “How cool is that?”

Answer: Incredibly hot.

We were excited to try Escape Space’s newest offering, especially after thoroughly enjoying The Endorsement. Instead of the decent quality of our previous escapes here, we were led into a tiny, haphazardly-slapped together room that resembled less of a ‘daycare after dark’ and more of ‘child’s bedroom after playing because he’s too young to know how to put away his toys.’ There was very little airflow in the room, and despite Texas being in a cold snap, we were sweating buckets after an hour in there. Escape Space has had problems with airflow in rooms, but this was the most noticeable.

The room was very tiny (smaller than my shoebox apartment in Tokyo), which made it difficult for two adults to maneuver around the furniture and solve puzzles at the same time. We had two already-opened locks, a lock so old and used that the letters were unreadable, and technical issues that, combined with the vague and sometimes misleading nature of the clues, led to an unpleasant experience.

(Note: This isn’t just us whining about losing – see our review of Houston, We’ve Had a Problem for our spectacular experience.)

The main puzzle was creative in its execution, as was one of the early puzzles.  However, we spent most of the time sorting through the props in the room to find clues and puzzles than we did actually solving. When we asked for clarification on a puzzle that we were unable to solve at the end of our game, our operator gave off the impression that they did not seem to understand the solution either.

Hints Used: Too many. Our operator was also pretty clearly reading from a walkthrough -we’d ask for help on one puzzle, she’d direct us to something else that needed solving instead of what we were doing.

Clue Quality : Low. Some clues were clever, however one in particular cost us quite a bit of time due to its misleading nature.

Puzzle Creativity: A couple of standout moments, but mostly run of the mill. The unreadable lock was a huge stumbling block – it’s hard to put in a word when the letters are almost all completely worn off.

Rating: 1.75 / 5. Come on Escape Space, we know you can make some really fantastic rooms!

Fear Factor:  None.

Things to note: This room takes place entirely in the dark and provides little room to maneuver – this is not a room for someone with mobility concerns. Escape Space San Marcos is currently running a Groupon for reduced price games.

Escape Space Games San Marcos – The Endorsement

Escape Space Games San Marcos – The Endorsement

Escape Space

Room Name:  The Endorsement

Business: Escape Space Games San Marcos

Location: 1508 Aquarena Springs Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666

Date of Visit: November 25, 2017

Number of Players: 2-6, we recommend 4-6 depending on escape experience

Our Group Size: 6

Official Description: Welcome to the office of Aaron Brown, the world’s leading endorsement consultant. What’s an endorsement consultant? Let’s just say he can take a group of average Joes and Janes like yourself and give you fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams. Bottom line is that this guy has the secret to making you and your team a legend, and his track record proves it. Aaron’s family has been in this business for years and he has been kind enough to offer you the same test he has offered all of his clients. Escape his office and he will give you the key to your wildest dreams. Can you and your team live up to the challenge, or will your defeat lead to more than you know?

Difficulty (official): The employees told us that this is their medium-difficulty room.

Difficulty (experience): Easy-medium

Time to Escape: 46 minutes (approximate)

Review: We had previously played their easiest room, Silicon Valley, at their old location and we had discussed coming back to experience the other rooms they had to offer. We had reservations about booking the room because of several copy errors in the room description making us question the attention to detail in the room itself, however, we agreed we had an enjoyable experience in Silicon Valley and decided to take advantage of their Christmas special to bring a larger group to play (including a new player).

We had difficulty finding the new location, but only because of assumptions that our driver made getting to the escape room. Following Google Maps will get you to the room with no issue. Despite our own issues we still found the new location with time to spare. We were all warmly welcomed and were impressed again by the level of customer service. The two staff members were happy to answer all of our questions and invited us to try their wheel of chance (which could add/remove time off our clock, give us an extra hint, or provide prizes – our group declined).  We were then shown to our room for the night.

The first thing that we all noticed was the size of the room—it was quite tiny. We were concerned about the number of puzzles that could be present in such a small room, but went ahead and started trying to uncover the office’s secrets. Despite its size, the ambiance of this office was much more detailed than Silicon Valley. There were general office accoutrements present that we had missed—coffee mugs, photos on the walls, knickknacks, etc. that added a more realistic touch—in the previous room. We had fun exploring the smaller details, particularly in the second act.

While there weren’t a large number of puzzles, the variety included set piece manipulation as well as standard lock boxes and mental puzzles. We all found puzzles that catered to our strong solving points and had fun surprising each other with hidden talents. One puzzle did suffer from technical failure—we had solved it correctly, but the staff had to intervene and ask us to try again. We did feel that one particular set piece was under-utilized and could have been more involved in puzzle-solving, but overall many of the items in the room were a part of the escape. After 46 minutes in the room, we were able to piece together the solution to the room and escape (with our first top spot on a leaderboard).

Overall, Endorsement is an enjoyable puzzle room that embodies the home-grown aspect that we’ve come to love in escape rooms in small cities. We were excited to learn about their newest build and are eager to try it once it’s ready to go.

Hints Used: Two unprompted (one for technical failure; one to alert us to our next puzzle, the location of which was less than obvious).

Clue Quality : Clues were cleverly presented, but were not obtuse or vague.

Puzzle Creativity: There were a few standout puzzles in both acts, including one that we all agreed had a fun solution.

Rating: 3.75 / 5.

Fear Factor:  No real fear factor, however there are some darker themes.

Things to note: Escape Space has limited parking, carpool if possible. This room has a low-light sequence that may impede those with poor low-light vision. Escape Space runs frequent promotions on their Facebook page and often has Groupon discounts.